Quite frankly I think there’s a lot of rubbish spoken about Twitter. I’ve ‘met’ some fabulous people there and every time I hear those complaints that it’s all people tweeting “Just ate a hamburger” it strikes me it tells you far more about the person complaining than about Twitter itself.

Just one of the amazing people I’m getting to know is Teresa Culkin-Lawrence, an artist living in Beeac in country Victoria. Teresa is a children’s book illustrator, printmaker, painter, writer and mum. She is also Artist in Residence at Beeac Primary School and has embarked on a book project with the grades 3-6. You can keep track of this inspiring project here. Make sure you check out the more recent posts to see some of the linocuts the kids have produced and their own comments on the project.

Recently Teresa opened a shop at 77 Main St, Beeac. The Artist is Home is open every Saturday and Sunday between 10.00am and 4.00pm. Besides Teresa’s own work there is also work from many other artists and writers. I’m very chuffed that she has chosen to stock some of my greeting cards too.

I hope if you ever find yourself near Beeac you’ll take the opportunity to drop in. We will be!

PS. Beeac is near Colac.

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