Nice seat!

Far too long ago I mentioned that I had found the prefect fabrics for upholstering some old chairs of ours. The fabrics were from Ink&Spindle in Kensington and the Dutchman and I visited their studio where we not only met Tegan, Lara and Bella, but also found the perfect solution to our one outstanding problem.

Remember the old seats we needed replacements for? I was clutching one on our visit and mentioned to Tegan that we were looking for someone who could cut saucer-shaped replacements. The creative spaces of the old Younghusband Wool Store where they are situated provided the perfect solution. Al Martinez, an amazing puppet and theatrical props maker was able to whip something up for us in no time. Not only do they look perfect but are engineered to be even sturdier and stronger than the originals, well prepared for their future with a six year old. Armed with new seats, our fabrics and some bits and pieces sold to us by Clifton Upholstery in Brunswick Opa got to work and here below are the results. We’re very happy indeed!

Nice things we've found and made

Nice things we've found and made

I love the simplicity of Tegan’s Blue Wrens design with that of the chair. There’s something almost shakerish about the two and it’s a very zen chair to have in a corner. We fell in love with Lara’s Rooftops but also took her advice and used a heavier duty canvas in a darker colour for one of the pair, which will spend a lot of time in The Flipster’s room. When is a pair not a pair? When its even better!

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