We seem to have segued quite successfully into winter. Especially now that the Dutchman has conceded that having a winter weight doona on the bed is not a sign of antipodean-weakness. This will be filed under things-I-promise-never-to-tell-the-rellies-back-in-the-netherlands along with the fact that he now wears a jumper for which the Netherlands was never cold enough, while sitting indoors in front of the heater.

Besides going to Lake Mountain for a winter-ey preview we did little else over the long weekend. One quick climb up 450 granite steps to Flinders Peak at the You Yangs and for the rest, lots of baking and stewing and hanging around cafes. Boef enjoyed the climb much he leapt up each step at least twice or more, which may explain why he slept for almost fourteen hours after we got home!

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