post.card update

Lamb eats Wolf’s postcard collaboration is off to a great start and I’m really enjoying the evocative peices she’s been writing with each entry. The idea is that you write a single word or phrase on a postcard and send it to her and she will write a flash fiction piece inspired by each phrase and image she receives. She is planning to do one hundred.

My offer to provide postcards for the first seven people to ask for one is still good. There are four postcards remaining so email me at dougiedehondAThotmaillDOTcom. Or DM me on Twitter or just leave a comment below. Nominate the postcard you prefer and I’ll do my best to ensure you get it!

I’ll write the word or phrase you send me onto the postcard and send it in for you, with all your details. I will also send you a photo of the front and back of the postcard so that you know what your entry looks like.

Of course if you already have a postcard you want to use then check out Lamb eats Wolf’s postcard collaboration to read the details and to find out where to send your postcard.

Here are the remaining postcards:
whitewashYellowLaneways and dreams

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