We’ve been enjoying grapes for weeks now but this week they are literally falling from the sky (the grape is growing on a pergola). They have reached peak ripeness and even though we have shared several kilos with friends, family, possums and birds we are struggling to get through them all. Who’d have thought? Boef has taken to hoovering all those that lie on the ground, luckily, so far, without going into renal failure. It’s difficult to get them all picked up before he finds them, especially if we’re out for a few hours.

For the first time I also have Amaranth in the garden. It’s very handsome and grew almost wild from some seeds a woman at the local nursery pulled from a plant and stuffed in my bag. I scattered these at random so it’s great to see some have come up. But how do I harvest it? Anyone know? For the moment I’m happy to have it as an object of beauty but I’m curious about what one would do with it and what quantities do you need for it to be useful?

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  1. You can stir-fry amaranth, it’s delicious with some garlic and a splash of good soy. The Greeks also love it, but usually blanched and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.

  2. We had it in our vegie boxes last week and I had to look it up on wikipedia! But anyway we had tender leaves in a salad with basil and tomato, cooked in a brown rice crisp like we used to eat in the eighties at uni and thrown into a pasta sauce right at the end. It felt very healthy. I’ve also heard it goes well in a juice with some apple.

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