Paint and wood

Now that school’s back I’ve been working on some ideas I had over the summer holidays for mounting photos and getting very excited about blocks of wood. Some blocks are old and builderly, some have already been ‘cultured’ into something and some are hidden in old fence posts and tree branches.

To add to the confusion, I have also started seeing some of them as jewellery. Bizarre! And yet somehow I don’t think I’ll be able to resist giving it a try. Now does anyone know a silversmith?

In addition to all this I have become a member of another co-op. (The first one is for buying organic fruit and veg and other goodies) This shall be a space co-op.

There is a room above each peach cafe which has previously been let as office space. Four of us have hankerings and ideas for the space but none of us can afford to rent it, modest though the rent is. Its a lovely light-filled room which would make a great office/studio/gallery/therapy/hanging out space. A brief investigation into what each of us wants to do and it looks as though our diverse plans and ideas will fit together nicely in terms of access, timetables and dreams. At least for now. And so we have formed a co-op.

I’ll post progress reports and fotos soon.

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