One moment from my in-law’s last visit that sticks in my mind is the time they came rushing in from the backyard to announce, in Dutch,  that we had a plague and needed to buy some poison as soon as possible.  Following them outside I was imagining the worst; rats up from Merri Creek, cockroaches, a mouse nest in the compost?

I was relieved, amused and reminded of the Netherlands when they showed me a line of ants marching down the back path and across the yard. Ants. In the backyard. Yes, break-out-the-mortein! I think not. 😉

Things here  have taken a turn for the beastly lately which is how The Dutchman and I found ourselves musing on their up-coming visit and how they will cope with recent developments; a couch-hogging-chook-killing-staffie, nits and, as we discovered this week, a field mouse behind the heater in the loungeroom! A veritable wildlife sanctuary and all inside the house. Now that will be a culture shock!

PS: We were bemused to note that chook-killing-Boef showed absolutely no interest in the mouse at all. Not a skerick! In fact, we’re almost certain he yawned.

One thought on “Beastliness

  1. We had reports of snakes in the backyard from friends up the road! They back onto the creek. Oh and someone saw a wallaby up near the Kodak building…. but us, we just have the ever present rodents and spider mummies.

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