Week 1

So the first week back at school and we’ve been doing ok. Yes, its true that on Monday The Flipster went to school with jam-on-vita wheats for lunch. But by Tuesday he had a healthy and nutritous midday meal, even if I did end up spending most of the day walking around with my clothes inside out.

Wednesday we’d ramped it up another notch and while its true I missed my piano lesson we did make it to after-school swimming.  If ten minutes late.

Thursday was looking good, very good.

Lunches-tick; on-time-tick; appropriately dressed-tick. But then we got home from school and discovered; Boef (the puppy) with one of our chickens between his jaws (dead) and that we both have nits.

sigh………. summer holidays; just a distant memory.

5 thoughts

  1. Grade One is the Year of the Headlice, just so you know. But I was completely outraged to find a nit on Cherub at the end of Week One: WHAT IS WRONG WITH OTHER PARENTS SENDING THEIR CHILDREN BACK TO SCHOOL WITH NITS!?!? DID THEY NOT NOTICE THE SCRATCHING?

    I’m sorry. I think I just exploded in your comment box.

  2. Explode away!

    I was amazed by the number of parents who, when I told them we had discovered nits airily said: “Oh yeah, we’ve had them all holidays.” They didn’t even seem to notice the narrowing of my eyes as I mentally thought; “So it was YOU!” 😉

  3. I can’t wait for the nits. Not. Sigh. In two weeks we’ve already had tears and little girls being mean to other little girls and reports of games that sound horrifying. Am trying not to do hover parent.

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