I’ve been trying to come up with some Christmas cards that won’t turn my stomach.

Here is a little of what I have so far;
card_pink christmas



I’m still playing with a few ideas but I’d love to hear what people think?

14 thoughts

  1. These are very cool, what a great idea. I loved the top one immediately, but the second one grew on me very quickly. The third one, not so much. I can’t even really say why (sorry, I know that’s not very constructive!). You have succeeded in making me panic about Christmas cards, though, thanksverymuch.

    • no worries! making people panic is one of my favourite hobbies 😉

      These (or some of them) will be for sale in a couple of days, just in case you’re stuck!

  2. they are very nice photos but to me they look quite sad too. not so much the first one but the run down environment of the other two radiate an ‘on the low end of the recession’ feeling – to poor to have a proper christmas, is what my emotion is here. hth.

  3. I like them all, the bottom two best. The first I’d probably give to aunties (if I was one to send Christmas cards, and I’m not) and the other two to friends.

    It’s funny nrrdgrrl thinks the environment looks run down and sad, because I just think it looks like home, comfy and lived in. But then, I grew up in the inner north west and gentrification makes me a bit queasy.

    • I think its funny too. But I also understand it … why a Dutch person would interpret it that way I mean. They have the neatest lane-ways and nothing is allowed to look run-down. You have to go to Northern France for some comforting decrepitude 😉

      Funny, I grew up in Malvern (Sth-east suburbs) and gentrification makes me very queasy.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      • ah – that might be it. but more so, in south africa (where i live now) all of life is about image. the first thing you do when you have any money is make the outside look good. of yourself, your car, your house…
        so if you cannot master that then you really have nothing to celebrate.
        (it’s a bit of an uneasy country to live in if you are nerdishly sloppy about your imago)

  4. I like them all, but as some others I prefer the bottom two. Really like the contrast in colour and the non-Christmas-y but festive nature of them.

    • Good point. The envelopes are from sustainably sourced paper and while I wasn’t able to do it this time I have sourced a great printer for the next batch with recycled card, eco-inks, waterless printing and processes that minimise waste. THEY will also look fantastic, that sort of printing really suits my work!

      E-cards aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly. The maintenance and hosting of the internet is a dirty energy-guzzling business. My Dutch ISP, Protagonist, does offer carbon-neutral hosting but its still not very common otherwise. Everytime you send an e-card you are potentially utilizing server parks across the globe, most of which consist of huge hot rooms full of buzzing servers that require contsant air-conditioning. And thats the least of it!

      But an electronic option is certainly worth thinking about. Unfortunately at the moment I’m relying on free services for these things so it is very unlikely to be ‘green’, just paperless. 😉

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