Good things about today

The blustery onset of autumn sees Melbournians donning their woolens with a joi-de-vie unique to them. Yesterday on  a quick scuttle down some bluestone laneways we were met by bright yellow scarves, tangerine beanies, and cherry red home knits. This morning cyclists  flaunted their woolens with beanies under their helmets, jumpers pulled to the extremities -both upwards and downwards- and sleeves and gloves clamped down over wrists and fingers.

Meanwhile our chickens are having a feast in the too-rarely rain-soaked back yard, digging for worms, earwigs, slugs and slaters.  The rain has also made it easy for me to get this year’s garlic planted, is giving the washing I just hung out an ‘extra’ rinse and best of all, my shockingly awful ‘bed-hair’ that wouldn’t respond to wax or serum has suddenly settled into ‘textured layers’ all by itself. Clever hair! 😉

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