Hard Rubbish 2009

The official Hard Rubbish 2009 season has opened here in Moreland and things are off to a good start with ideal cruising weather. I lucked out big time on my first outing. The goods had been on the streets for up to four days and I had seen plenty of over-laden vehicles patrolling the kerbs so wasn’t overly hopeful when I came across these two chairs. I can only imagine that they had only recently been put out. Surely someone would have taken them otherwise? Or am I the only one who wanted to take them home?

garden chairs

Obviously I wasn’t able to carry them home and my second stroke of luck was having a very kind friend, Sam, who answered my call and came and made not one but two trips in her car with them. If you’re at home during the week, in the Brunswick area and see my name flashing on your mobile screen think twice before taking that call!

I had one other great find, some lovely rusty old cogs just crying out to be welded into …….. something.



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