We’re back from our Easter holiday in the high country. Much more to say about it later but in the interim, here’s Jacob after his first horse ride. Looking pretty pleased with himself after two hours riding through the gullies and scrub of the Alpine National Park! The only bit he didn’t like was when his Dad’s horse bit his horse’s bum and he started bucking but you don’t have to be five years old to find that unnerving! .  Luckily Jacob managed to hang on and the ride leader was quickly able to get his horse, ‘Chilli’, back under control.

Jacob on Chilli

Jacob on Chilli

Even more impressive I managed to get Jacob’s father onto a horse. A bad experience many years ago in the Dutch National Service had left him decidley anti-horse and it has taken me nine years to achieve this. Luckily, he enjoyed the ride also so now we will all be able to do it again! It was not quite as exciting as our earlier experiences in the Netherlands with horses. 😉

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