The cradle of democracy – the right to eat yourself to death

Last night Jacob had a sleep over at his best friend’s place so we took the opportunity to go and have an early dinner at the new Hellenic Republic before staggering off, having eaten far too much, to a friend’s party.

Hellenic Republic was brilliant. Much more affordable than I was expecting and absolutely delicious. The only mistake we did make was in ordering far too much. Next time we will be sharing a main and a dessert. The desserts would challenge the mains in portion size and when I mentioned this to the waiter he shrugged and smiled;”What can I say – Greeks!” As it was, excluding wine, we spent aproximately $110.00 and left barely able to walk from the sheer volume of food we’d hoovered down. Of course you don’t have to eat everything on your plate but when it is this yummy, its hard to leave it behind.

Unfortunatly as party goers Ron and I have not been at our best this year. The expectation that we will be able to stay awake past nine has been a harsh one, let alone that we might also be entertaining, and I am afraid we remain a bitter disapointment to our hosts.  Next year we are going to go into training. Must do better!

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