Chook tractor*

Today I arrived home from a trip to the local shops in great excitement thanks to a new issue of Australasian Poultry. There was a time, in the dim distant past, when only the latest Wallpaper* magazine would have generated quite the same level of anticipation. Those were also the days when I could rate most of Melbourne’s city bars on the vodka-martini-index. Sigh……

The incongruity of it all was further brought home to me later this afternoon while working on a chook tractor of my own design, cleverly (I like to think) fashioned from some chook wire, table trellises, a scary electric staple gun and at least two glasses of pinot noir.

I remembered a dog kennel I particularly admired from one of the earlier issues of Wallpaper*. A dog kennel designed for Dior if my memory serves me right. A particularly gorgeous dog kennel that looked like something Corbusier might have whipped up after a weekend at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Waterfall house.

A dog kennel that is to my chook tractor what Wallpaper* is to Australasian Poultry I’m afraid. More sighs ……
Photos of the chook tractor to follow once I’ve un-jammed the stapler, thats if I don’t staple my hand to the back fence in the process.

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