Pottering on

I am sooooooooooooo glad we decided NOT to go camping on the weekend! Especially as we were planning on going to Wye River on the Surf Coast. Instead we pottered around at home as usual, trying to work our way through the enormous list of things that need to be done. Jacob had a more social time, a day at Oscar’s and a day out at the Museum with tante Alix. Cup Day we went to Hanging Rock where expectations of ‘wild animals’ were exceeded by the presence of a very friendly kangaroo with a joey.

Things we DID get done are;
-create a chook run. Yup, the chooks are now behind bars. The volume of chook poo combined with summer and flies wasn’t looking too good and with four veggie gardens fenced off the backyard was starting to have the atmosphere of Guantanomo Bay. We now have just the one fence, for the chooks. They can still come out and play ocassionally and we’ll probably let them free range again next winter.
-remove the enormous shutter box from the dining room window. These are the boxes into which those steel shutters people have are wound. We’ve removed the last two and turned them into planters. The next step is to stretch some wire from the trellis on the fence to a board we are going to place above the window so that the grape can form a canopy blocking out the summer sun and the view of the neighbour’s house.
-bought an eggplant tree and a pot to put it in.
-watched everyhting grow overnight after all the fabulous rain.
-replaced the lock on the security door. Yup, we can lock the front door again!
-marvelled as Jacob slept through the night, all night every night!
-stained the baby change table Gen and Si gave us.
-plant the last of the veggie seedlings and stake all the tomatoes and capsicums.

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