Here is a shot of the bungalow-deluxe, almost finished.

doors.jpgI’m afraid the photos doesn’t do justice to it, it is a thing of wonder and beauty and the builders have delivered exactly what we hoped plus some.

Since then, Ron and I have sanded and stained the doors you can see, inside and out, sanded and stained the oregon beams supporting the roof inside (original to the garage), sanded and beeswaxed the old work-bench that has been in the garage for several-previous-owners, and applied a coat of enviromentally friendly primer to the interior. All we have to do now is the final top coat. It is all happenning at a snail’s pace but it IS happenning. I can’t wait to move in!

We also plan to clad the wall of cement sheeting you can see in the photo with corrugated iron. I wanted rusty corrugated iron but caught the neighbours dismantling some iron from their verandah roof and was so taken with it that I couldn’t resist. It does have some rust but also the vestiges of white and red paint, the end effect being a distressed pale pink affair.

We may also one day, (probably after winning tattslotto) lay a real floor. We are torn between floorboards and polished concrete. Not being able to afford either and the original concrete floor of the garage being in excellent condition we will for the moment settle for a slate coloured floor varnish from Bio Products.

I’ll post more photos once it’s really finished!

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