Beach babes

Beaches are the new urban accessory in Europe with every self-respecting city sprouting one in the most unlikely of places. Paris on the Seine, Berlin, London….you name them, they all in the past few years have succumbed to the fad for urban beaches. Amsterdam being the smallest of these cities in both area and population has to have four of course.

The other evening BBC-star-Kathy-Clugston and I were due for some Very-Important-Gossip so decided to explore the one closest to us, Strand Zuid at RAI. It is the least ‘beachy’ in amongst the concrete and glass but this made for a nice juxtaposition, maybe you could even term it ‘urban irony’? It was however just a bit too ‘beautiful people’. Everyone was trying so hard it hurt to watch and this combined with the fact that the food currently on offer was crap meant we quickly retired to somewhere else to continue sorting out who gets to stay on the christmas-card-lists. Amsterdam Plage looks much more my style.

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