Colour (spelt right)

Last week proved a very colourful one with yet another toenail-painting session in Den Haag AND the Picture Perfect Color Management Seminar in Mijdrecht. Who says I don’t get around?

Having to travel to Den Haag to apply for Jacob’s Australian passport (Just how many passports does an 18 month old need?) was the perfect excuse to link up with BBC-star-Kathy-Clugston and splash out at Aveda. I don’t know what they put in the foot bath you receive there while perched on your throne-of-decadence but I’ve never made it through the shop below without buying some pricey cosmetic, the likes of which I would normally scoff at! Makes the outrageous price of the pedicure seem almost reasonable.

Thursday I then used 7 strips and 2 buses and a tram to travel to Mijdrecht for the Picture Perfect Color Management Seminar. The seminar was exactly what I was looking for, putting all the bits and pices you’ve heard/read about setting up your camera, monitor and printer into a nice digestible story where it all came together and made sense…… even in Dutch. The journey there was a bit more adventurous than I was anticipating considering that the Seminar registration gave it’s location as Amsterdam. From what I saw Mijdrecht is actually a lot closer to Utrecht! But hey, you can never stumble across too many cows.

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