Our Gwen

Jacob’s impeccable taste in music has recently been corrupted by the likes of Bert and Ernie with such hits as “Geen ruzie in de auto”, Annie M.G. Schmidt and “De Kat van Ome Willem” and “the Grand old Duke of York”. Still, when most of the adult population were recently listening to “Schnappi, Das kleine krokodil” I suppose it could be worse.

The only thing saving him from total embarassment is a sound appreciation of Gwen and Eve’s “Rich Girl”. He even knows the words and sings along, “na, na,na, na, “. In fact the entire album “Love, Angel, Music, Baby” is proving a favourite and can be relied on to prompt some spirited mad toddler-dancing. Ahhhhh toddler-dancing. Who needs a gym?

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