Three small things

Now that my bank accounts have returned from their jaunt to other-parts-of-the-Netherlands it was time to reintroduce myself to the receptionist at the Rabobank and confirm all his worst suspicions about people-who-speak-Dutch-with-a-funny-accent. This visit was an effective live demonstration of the proverb, “Never put off ’till tomorrow what you could do today”. Or how one silly mistake when coupled with two others has the power to make you look like a prize idiot.

Firstly I had to get my PIN pass de-blocked after having typed in the wrong PIN code multiple times a few weeks back. Could have happenned to anyone. The nice young man at reception was able to fix this in a jiffy.

Then I had to ask him about my brand new account. The one I opened a week or two ago. That I’ve not yet even had the chance to use. For which I’ve just received the pass card in the mail. And the PIN number. Which I’ve lost. Unopened. The nice young man at reception held my gaze for only a nano-second longer than strictly necessary. And ordered a new card and PIN number in another jiffy.

Last but not least I had to mention the money I transferred to my Australian bank account and which has not yet shown up in that account but which has been taken from my Dutch account. The nice young man at reception explained that these transfers can take time and when was the transfer? April. And when did I notice it hadn’t gone through? November. And it is now…? It took only a jiffy of significant silence before the nice young man at reception was on the phone arranging for me to consult a consultant.

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