Essential Maintenance

Both being Very Busy People BBC-star-Kathy-Clugston and myself only just managed to squeeze in a six hour jaunt to Den Haag yesterday for a pedicure.

Enthroned on our vibrating-massage-chairs-with-a-view our feet were bathed, scrubbed, massaged, preened, slathered in sweet-smelling-ungents and suitably fussed over for more than an hour. The whole affair was then topped of with the application of a nail poilish that BBC-star-Kathy-Clugston perceptively dubbed “Fuck Me Red”. Our intrepid pedicurist (bravely going where no pedicurist has been for months) confirmed this diagnosis with the revelation that the name of this subtle-shade was “I’m not really a waitress”.

Armed with my new toe nails I didn’t even flinch when paying the bill which together with the train fare meant my pedicure could have bought a decent meal for two in many a gezellige Amsterdam cafe. Wine included.

Photos may follow once BBC-star-Kathy-Clugston works out her software issues.

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