I speak Dutch at work, at the creche, at the doctors, in the shops, with friends, with strangers and at home. I know I have a terrible accent, I can tell by the pained look of concentration on people’s faces as they strain to follow what I’m saying. My Dutch sentences are conctructed in a strange mix of English and Dutch grammer, which only adds to the pain on everyone’s faces.

I’ve been aware for a while that I have trouble stringing together a sentence in English these days. I tend to construct sentences using Dutch grammer and can’t for the life of me remember simple words. Ron even says I have a Dutch accent when I speak English. I thought he must be deranged and put it down to the exigencies of fatherhood but have just had the same comment from two Australian friends on whose phones I left messages!

Dus, now, I’m incomprehensible in two languages!

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