Catching up

Finally we have the internet at home again. Not that there seems to be much time to use it but its nice to know its there! Here’s a brief catch up:

(Its all about Jacob,we don’t ‘do’ anything else anymore!)

-Jacob now has 4 teeth, 2 above and 2 below
-he eats like a horse,well OK, he always did but the horse is getting bigger and hungrier
-my weekends seem to be spent trying to keep the deep freeze stocked with delicacies for Jacob, this weekend I made, Spaghetti Bolognese, Mushroom Pasta Sauce and Cod and Sweet Potato, all from Annabel Karmel’s “Baby and Toddler Meal Planner”, as well as Vegemite Rusks, inspired by her Marmite Rusks.
-Jacob’s world has changed in a couple of weeks fromt he mainly horizontal to the mainly vertical.
-so we’ve had to go shopping,……..a new carseat, a Tripp Trapp chair, a gate for the bathroom doorway, a new bike and baby seat for me, not to mention countless childproof catches for doors and drawers
-Jacob has joined the hordes of babies who hurtle around Amsterdam perched behind their mother’s handlebars, he loves it!
-Jacob is sporting several blue bruises at any one time on his head and face. He is busy cruising and while he has gotten over the initial ‘falling’ period he is now busy trying to climb over things, so inevitably he is tumbling off them as well.
-he also has some alarming redspots which at first sight look like chicken pox,but aren’t.The doctor went through quite a long list of things but wasn’t able to work out what they are and since Jacob doesn’t appear ill in any way at all, we just have to live with them for the moment.
-we’ve finished unpacking and squeezing in and are finally settled in the new flat.
-there is as yet no sign of summer

I think thats it for the moment, maybe some photos soon.

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