Spring, spring, spring, spring, spring!

Jacob’s weekend was made with the news that his Australian grandma is coming over again! Just what we all need, more spoiling!

Uncle John has left giving Ron and I two weeks of feeling the pain of preparing our own meals and drinks before Grandma arrives to take over! We’re still looking for the fine-print on our foreheads that says “Please feed us, and a drink would be nice too while you’re at it!”. Obviously everyone else can see it!

More limp-wristed sunlight and blissful spring weather on the weekend so we took Jacob off to the park so he could play on the grass. It was only after we got there that it ocurred to me that its the first time he has actually lain on grass. Seven months old and he’s never lain on grass! It seems really sad but I guess it must be pretty normal for a Northern European baby born at the beginning of autumn. The ground is just too cold and wet!

He wasn’t too sure in the end about the whole grass-experience, not as easy to slide around on as the wooden floor at home, although the daisies tasted nice, but was quite fascinated by the endless procession of dogs scurrying around.

Today its going to be 20 degrees so I’ve sent him off to day care in the “Diamond Geezer” t-shirt he got from his uncle.

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