Wide open spaces.

Its official! We’re moving house!

Despite having the sweetest little flat in the universe the emphasis is on the word little. At 45m2 (and that includes the attic room) its always been cosy, but now with Jacob threatening various stages of impending mobility its just becoming downright impractical. Almost by accident last week we saw something nearly twice as big, 75m2, in the same area and wonder of wonders, with a bath!

I think the statistical chance of finding a flat in de Pijp that has a bath, at any price, must be less then 2%.

Anyway, its not nearly so sweet and we lose our two balconies, but it’s in the same area, for the same price and with twice the space.

List of luxuries the new flat will bring with it:
-there is enough space in the hall to leave the pusher downstairs instead of dragging it up 4 flights of stairs.
-a real bathroom with a real bath
-a kitchen, with a full-sized fridge for Jacob’s growing collection of jars-of-pureed-things
-a bedroom that that can accomodate a bed where Ron’s feet won’t hang over the edge
-we can use our laptops and eat at the table
-Jacob can learn to crawl without running into the next wall

The flat is also in a really good location, right near the Sarphatiepark, very close to the Albert Cuyp (but the stallholders stop short of our end of the street with storing their market stalls), and dangerously close to Pepinnos, the best ice-cream in Amsterdam. Still, I’m going to miss our little plein, Jan and the boys, Gambrinus and De Tapperij!

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