Easter has been a bit of a mixed bag. Jacob and Ron were suffering from some bug they picked up from Opa so we spent a restless two nights and days with a whingey bab who felt like crapy. Add to that bads weather and the energy levels have been a bit low! On the other hand, Uncle Johnny was here to provide a source of endless fascination, and once Jacob was feeling better things picked up quite a lot. Makes you appreciate how much of a difference his mood can make!

On the home-cooking front there has been considerable progress, we’ve worked out just what the proportion of chicken-to-vegetable should be in a puree for it to be palatable. Jacob has tried and liked, sweet potatos, greek yoghurt and avocado and has continued to eat his way through huge amounts of home-cooked carrots, potatos, chicken, apples, apricots and pears. So, we are feeling quite accomplished! Next weekend I think we’ll experimenting with fish!

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