Jacob under Construction

Jacob is six months old as of yesterday. This past few weeks he has been especially busy with;

-his hands. He spends hours a day turning his hands this way and that and bringing them together. He’ll aslo grab one of our hands and examine it, then examine his free hand for comparision.

-aeroplanes. Lying on his tummy making like an aeroplane in an effort to build up those tummy muscles so he can sit up by himself.

-push-ups. lots and lots of puships to the point that his whole upper torso is now off the ground for long periods. He is now practising one-handed push ups, (this is where those lateral aeroplane imitations come in handy) and is trying now and then to get up on his knees.

A strange thought occured to me yesterday. That actually I love babies and wouldn’t mind having at least ten of them! Luckily, at 38, I’m unlikely to wake up one day in the future and find that I’ve pursued this new ambition.

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