Its so exciting! One of the projects I managed last year has been nominated for a Spin Award!. The Spin Awards are the awards for interactive communications in the Netherlands. We have been nominated in the category Best Website Concept for the KPN Breedband Portal, thanks to the brilliant work of my colleagues, Jaap, Peter and Rob. The project is a bit of a distant blur now, 14 hour days while 7 months pregnant and during the komkomertijd and all!

The category is open to public voting so you can all vote for us by clicking on the “Stem voor de publieksprijs Spinawards 2003!” link on the site. I think you might even get to win an Xbox or something although I’m not sure if it applies to participants from outside the Netherlands!

We’ve also been nominated for Best Banner, a KPN Breedband banner which you should have a look at while you’re there. Also brilliant, but I can’t take any of the credit for this one being on maternity leave at the time.

The only thing that worries me is the date for the announcements, April 1st! Still, its bound to be a good party!

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