Les Arcs

Jacob had one of the more surprising weeks of his life this week when a two day car trip was followed by a week at 1800m at Les Arcs, where everything was white. Just when he got used to this, all the new strange people and french baby food, it was back in the car and another two days back to the Netherlands with a stop-off in Neufchateau in France.

More on that later………….

Descartes had it all wrong. According to Jacob its “I move therefore I am” or maybe its just the after effects of two days in a Maxi-cosi and a body full of white blood cells from a week at high altitude.

We have to stop feeding him.


When we got back from Les Arcs I found an email from Hasitha waiting complete with a photo of his son Kieran who is now three months old. Kieran is very handsome although I’d be worried if I was Hasitha, he also looks very determined!

And today is Uncle Benny’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ben

from Jacob, Faith and Ron! Gefeliteerd Jonge!

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