This weekend was the annual visit to Terschelling, with a few small changes. Not least amongst them was Jacob. (Who bought that baby with them?) For Jacob it was a big weekend, his first time away from home, his first time on a boat, his first time on a bus, first time in a taxi and first time in a kidcar. Not to mention first time in the Walvis Cafe! So predictably, there was also the first tantrum. Overall though he proved himself once again, the easiest, sweetest, most adorable baby ever, and the most gezellig! Not that we ever doubted it!

Despite the awful weather we did get one chance to use the kidcar with the bikes we had hired. Which was a good thing as we’d spent €30 to hire the damn thing for the weekend. Jacob seemed quite happy hurtling along in his little tent behind Ron and Vincent in turn. Just a shame we didn’t get to use it more often!

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