Creative dilemas

I’ve started the Christmas-card-project for 2003. As is usual with these things it becomes steadily more complicated. I didn’t want to use the “photo-of-baby-with-santa-hat” thing so decided to use normal cards but with a Flipster Christmas stamp instead. The drawback is that TPG Post only provide these stamps for use within Holland. So the Australians miss out. Australia Post on the other hand do provide personalised stamps for use in both Australia and overseas. Which would involve my brother Ben taking all the Christmas cards back to Australia with him so that they can be posted back to Holland!

Just to complicate things even further while working out some ideas for Flipster-art for the rellies I started to lean towards using the Flipster on the card as well after all. But maybe in a more abstract manner.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! And all to be made before Christmas!

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