International Knitting Frenzy

Jacob’s arrival has sparked some sort of international knitting frenzy the source of which is mainly his two grandmothers. Visitors to Australia are hijacked with parcels to bring back and the needles are clacking on both sides of the Rhine here in the Netherlands. (Ijsselstein AND Vianen)

Meanwhile, even I have been bitten by the knitting bug. In the face of the expertise of Jacob’s grandmothers this would seem like lunacy. In the face of my inability in the past to finish anything bigger than a handkerchief its just delusional! But thats motherhood for you! (delusional lunacy) Loobylu led me by various means to the Rowan site and I am now the proud owner of a book full of gorgeous patterns, some wool, (much of which is already in a knotted heap) and a half-finished beanie with two unintentional decorative features! (A hole and a ridge of purl in the middle of a knit row, if you must know!)

Meanwhile the experts are busy and more is whinging its way from Australia and being planned in Ijsselstein as I type .

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