talking to the animals

talking to the animals
Ron’s parents, my ‘schoonouders’ have a neighbour who is married to an Italian girl. They often babysit this couple’s two year old boy. They were startled to hear her telling him one day that cows go “moo”. In Holland children are taught that cows go ‘boo’. So now I have visions of Dutch cows leaping out from behind trees at passing Dutch cyclists attempting to scare them to death. Apparently in Holland cows go ‘Boo’, dogs go “Waaf’ and I can’t even write what a rooster does. Whereas ‘moo’ is the Dutch word for ‘tired’, the ‘bauw’ as in ‘Bow Wow’ is the building industry and ‘Cock-a-doodle-doo’ is enough to send the average Dutch person into hysterics. What was interesting is that Italian and Australian renditions of these animal sounds seem to agree. Does anyone know any other versions of animal noises?

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