raising the dead

As if he didn’t do enough to unsettle everyone when he was alive Pim Fortuyn (although I don’t think this was his idea…), maintains the tradition after his own death.

As I understand it Fortuyn wanted to be buried in Italy in the small town where he owned a house. For whatever reason, (and I’m sure it had nothing to do with an upcoming election and the impact on nationalistic supporters of shipping the dear-departed off to another country….or maybe I’m just too cynical?) he was first buried here in the Netherlands and now six weeks or so later, is being exhumed to be re-buried where he wanted, in Italy.

This is not the unsettling bit. The unsettling bit, at least for me, is that this is going to televised. Yup! Live to air exhumations. And I thought my weblog might be polluting the ether!

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